Liquid Filters & Flexible Connectors

Liquid Filter Bags, Cartridges and Pleated Bags

liquidfilters7We also have FDA Options!
Our engineering department can custom design and fabricate a filter bag/cartridge to meet your needs by examining a sample, print, sketch, verbal description or make recommendations based on your cost savings or efficiency goals. We offer a wide range of materials, end caps, rings and flanges to build custom or replacement filters.

Our filters are carefully fabricated and sized to ensure ease of installation and change-out.

  • Designed for ease of installation and change-out
  • Wide range of materials, end caps, rings and flanges
  • Custom designed bags to meet cost savings or efficiency goals

Flexible Connectors

bfmfittingDonelson is proud to be one of the most comprehensive suppliers of flexible connector solutions in The Mid-West. If you need flexible connectors of any kind for your powder and bulk solid processing, we can provide them. We maintain a large stock of standard connector types, materials and sizes, and custom connectors are our specialty.

BFM® fittings
Reduce your flexible connector maintenance and changeout times by replacing your band-clamp or fixed connectors with BFM fittings and connectors.

Snap-in, snap-out convenience in a variety of diameters, lengths and compounds… and custom configurations are no problem! If you’re tired of maintenance issues and plant downtime caused by frequent connector replacement, BFM fittings are your solution.

  • No hose clamps means fast snap-in/snap-out convenience
  • Dust-tight connections means greatly improved dust control
  • Perfect fit means no leaks and better plant sanitation
  • Reduced dust and leakage means safer plant operation
  • Quick change-out means reduced plant downtime
  • Vacuum proof
  • Overpressure proof & explosion resistant